What images, what visuals?

Choose a photo that you like and that highlights your subjects.
We give you some ideas: vacation photos, family photos, advertising, fashion, selfie, street art, postcard, existing painting etc.

The only limit is your inspiration!

We can work with pictures taken from a camera, a smartphone, but also from a scanned image.

The golden rule: the sharper your photo, the higher the resolution and the moreprecise the instructions, the more we can guarantee a faithful reproduction of your photo, with the charm of the brushstroke as well!

How do I send my photo?

You can send one or more photos (if you want to gather subjects):

  • Via the website
    "Create my painting".
  • By e-mail
  • By mail
    Centre Regain - LĂ©onart - 57 rue Bobillot - 75013 Paris.
    Remember to leave your contact information so that we can send you your photo. 


Can I request to change some details of my photo?

Yes, we can modify some details of your photo or create a montage to join subjects together. The modifications are made according to the comments left at the time of the order.  

To give a second life to your pictures, we also know how to: paint from your old pictures, colorize black and white pictures, group subjects (for example to reunite your family members, add a pet...), replace a background etc.

Simplyindicate your requests, as precisely as possible, in the "comment" box. 

Any retouching or complex editing will be quoted (at a good price!) for the creation of your new image.

This step is essential because the painter only paints what he sees. It is therefore important to work on your image and to have it validated beforehand in order to create a superb visual to be reproduced in painting.

Who does the digital transformation of my photo?

Our graphic designers take care of it.
They are real artists, professional and talented, and
transform your photo according to your wishes .

You also benefit from unlimited digital retouching to create a unique image.

Accordion Panel

This option allows you to give a unique style to your future painting by transforming your initial photo -whatever it is- into a work of art.

We rely on artificial intelligence to create about 10 digital artistic proposals . You then choose your favorite and we reproduce it identically, in oil paint.

N.B.: The visual proposals are sent within 48 hours after the validation of your order.
If you don't have any favorite, the option will be fully refunded. 


What formats and dimensions?
  • Portrait or Landscape?
    A horizontal format gives an impression of space, a vertical format offers a feeling of intimacy.
    We paint horizontally or vertically depending on the photo you send us. You can also indicate your preference in the comments box.
  • Standard or custom sizes?
    Choose among the sizes offered or contact us for custom sizes, for a square canvas for example.

N.B.: The maximum size for a painting delivered mounted on a frame is: 75x100cm
The maximum size for a painting delivered framed is: 60x90cm
Beyond that, your canvas is rolled in a tube.

Can I choose a background/signature or add details?

Every detail is customizable to your liking!

  • For an identical reproduction of your photo, 3 background options are available:
    1- We paint your photo with the original background send a photo with the background of your choice
    2- We replace the original background by a plain background of the color of your choice
    You send a photo with the background of your choice
  • Concerning the signature of your painting, 3 options are available:
    At your request, the artist signs or not your painting. You can also send a photo of the signature of your choice. 
  • Want to integrate details or clues?
    You can ask to hide clues or particular elements in your work by sending us a photo of them and specifying your request in the "comments" box
Can I choose the painting technique?

No compromise on quality! We offer only premium quality reproductions in 4 techniques: 

  • Realistic painting
    Your canvas is painted as faithfully as possible in relation to the image transmitted, the charm of the brushstroke in addition! We traditionally use oil paint but you can also opt for acrylic paint by indicating it in the comments of your order. 
  • Painting with a knife
    This technique gives relief to your canvas by working on the thickness, so the painting is worked like a sculpture. It is an ideal technique for those who are looking for an abstract or semi-figurative interpretation of their photo. Note that the drying time is longer.
  • Impressionism
    This artistic style allows you to represent your photo in a painting in a particular atmosphere, giving an impression of mobility to your painting. It is particularly suitable for images representing landscapes or scenes of everyday life.
  • Pencil (or charcoal) drawing
    For a black and white reproduction, pencil drawing is an excellent option. It offers a delicate representation of your image by playing on the shades and gradations of gray to create variations in light intensity. This option will appeal to those who are looking for a delicate interpretation of their photo with the charm of monochrome. If you prefer charcoal, just let us know in the comments.
  • Pop-art painting
    Transform your photo into a pop-art portrait and bring a new dimension to your painting! We create a digital model that we submit to you for validation, then reproduce it by hand in oil paint.
Can I get a preview of my painting and/or make alterations?

Yes, we play the custom card 100%!
Once your canvas is painted we send you a visual by e-mail to receive your approval.

If you wish to make a modification, send us your remarks (we can also arrange a telephone appointment) and benefit from free and unlimited retouching. 

We will modify the canvas and send you back a visual within ±48 hours. You are guaranteed to receive a painting that you like.

Can I add a frame to my painting?

Yes, this option is available, you just have to choose among our floating frames also called American boxes. This type of frame enhances your painting by creating a space between the canvas and the frame. Your work will seem to be suspended in the air. You can also choose this option but decide on the choice of frame after receiving the preview of your painting. 

N.B : The maximum size for a painting delivered mounted on a frame is : 75x100cm
The maximum size for a painting delivered framed is : 60x90cm
Beyond that, your canvas is delivered rolled in a tube.


What is the timeline for the creation?

We take the time necessary to make beautiful works and the schedule is traditionally as follows:

D+ 0 After your order, we consult the transmitted elements. If necessary, we come back to you to clarify certain points.

D+1 to D+2 The artist-painter begins the work of creation.

D+7 to D+10 You receive a visual of the finished painting. This average delay can be extended for complex or large works.
You can ask for retouching which is treated in ±48h. A new visual is sent back to you and the deadline is extended by one day.

D+11 to D+13 Your oil painting dries for 48-72h (or more for knife painting). Once ready it is mounted on canvas and framed if you have chosen this option.

D+14 to D+15 Your work is entrusted to the carrier and shipped with a tracking number then forwarded in ±7 business days. 

If your order is urgent, tell us in the comments.

The deadlines are given as an indication and may be subject to variations. We will do our best to respect them and will keep you informed in case of delay. 

How is my shipment prepared?

Once the visual of your canvas is validated by you, we respect a drying time of 24-72 hours (or more for painting with a knife) before stretching the canvas on its wooden frame and/or framing it.

The canvas is then carefully wrapped and reinforced at the corners .

N.B: The maximum size for a painting delivered mounted on a frame is : 75x100cm
The maximum size for a painting delivered framed is : 60x90cm
Beyond that, your canvas is delivered rolled in a tube.

What are the delivery times?

We ship for free, anywhere in the world. 

All the paintings are entrusted to professionals of transport (mainly Fedex), and sent with a tracking number. The indicative time is 7 working days.

Packages are sometimes subject to customs duties. If you have to pay customs duties, Leonart will refund you the full amount for orders to Metropolitan France and Europe.

When you receive your order, if you notice any damage, do not sign the delivery note. Indicate the visible damage to the carrier, your package will be returned free of charge to the sender and repaired or replaced in our workshop.


How does the deposit and payment work?

Ordering a painting made to your request and custom-made commits you.

We require a 30% deposit for the artist to begin work. Once the painting is completed and your design approved you will receive an email inviting you to pay the remaining balance to start the shipping of your painting.
If you abandon the payment, the first deposit will not be refunded.

How do returns and refunds work?

Pour toute commande, le prix total est payable soit en intégralité, soit en un premier acompte de 30% TTC qui déclenchera le début de la réalisation de l’article ou du service suivi d’un second acompte de 70% TTC une fois l’article ou le service réalisé. 

Après avoir reçu l’aperçu de sa peinture en photo, si le CLIENT en exprime le souhait, Leonart fera ses meilleurs efforts pour retoucher la toile selon les consignes exprimées. Si le CLIENT décide après plusieurs retouches que le résultat n’est satisfaisant ou s’il abandonne le paiement du solde de 70%, le premier acompte de 30% ne lui sera pas remboursé. Si le CLIENT avait payé l’intégralité de la commande il pourra demander le remboursement à hauteur de 70% du montant total de sa commande. 

Given the unique and personalized nature of the products delivered, the digital creation services (pop-art option, creation of stylized visuals, photo montages, etc.) delivered to the CUSTOMER as well as the paintings delivered to the CUSTOMER do not open the right to a refund.
This service can neither be returned nor exchanged in accordance with article L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code: "the right of withdrawal can not be exercised for contracts (...) of supply of goods made to the specifications of the consumer or clearly personalized ...".



Who makes up the Leonart team?

The artists' collective that works with LĂ©onart is composed of adozen painters and graphic designers .

At LĂ©onart, we like the idea that the language of art is universal and transcends borders.

Leonart is a French website just like its creator and its customer service. The artists come from Asia and Latin America and all share a passion for art: whether they are photoshop pros or drawing and painting geniuses, each artist has been selected for the quality of their work and their responsiveness .

We are pleased to offer our clients the exceptional talent of each of them at very competitive rates .

What is Leonart's vision?

The first idea of the designer of Leonart is to take the photo out of its digital format to give it a new artistic life in painting. Through this unique website, he wanted to give access to the largest number of people at the best price to personalized painting. 

With a nod to the genius Leonardo da Vinci, the Leonart website offers the opportunity to be an actor of one's interior decoration and to awaken the creativity of each of us thanks to unique options: pop-art, in the manner of, etc.

To achieve this mission, Leonart propels custom painting into another dimension where the only limit is your inspiration.

We realize a custom work, high precision, 100% by hand and in the respect of the rules of art.

What are Leonart's commitments?

Our commitments Graphic Designer/Option Leonart

  • A unique creation in your image 
  • No filter used 
  • Created in ±72h
  • Free and unlimited digital retouching
  • Available and responsive customer service

Our commitments Workshop/Painting

  • 100% hand painted
  • Free and unlimited paint touch-ups
  • Excellent value for money 
  • At home in ± 3/4 weeks
  • Free delivery anywhere in the world
  • Available and responsive customer service

The painting remains an interpretation but we propose a complete service which makes it possible to mitigate any surprise: your painting is dispatched only when it gives you perfect satisfaction.

Do you have a question? Need a quote?