The idea of Ludovic, the creator of Leonart, was born from a simple observation: we take beautiful pictures with our smartphones and share on social networks shots of beautiful landscapes, scenes of life, photos of our loved ones, old memories but these photosrarely leave our screens.
The nostalgic days, when we used to go and develop our pictures, are gone.  

Pourtant, nous sommes tous sensibles à la mode, à l’art et à la peinture. Nous décorons tous notre intérieur avec une touche personnelle.
L’art c’est le reflet de qui nous sommes. 

Ludovic then imagined LEONART,a unique concept that would allow everyone to be an actor of their interior decoration and to simply create superb custom-made artwork from any photo.
artistic world where painting would have replaced photo printing. 

If you have discovered the creations gallery, you have seen the high precision work done by our artist and graphic designers who supports our clients day to day. They have been carefully selected for their talent and professionalism.

Confiez-nous vos photos et vos idées et laissez vous bluffer par la peinture personnalisée.
Bénéficiez d’un excellent service client pour vous faire vivre une expérience artistique où la seule limite…c’est votre inspiration.